What is TR CU 010 and where does it operate?

TR CU on the safety of machinery and equipment is a document containing a list of requirements for equipment of a certain category (machine tools, machines, etc.), produced and sold in the countries that are part of the Customs Union. The main area of its regulation is the production of equipment, the use of which is associated with certain risks or the specificity of the application industry.

Scope of application of technical regulations TR CU 010

The provisions of TR CU 010 apply to all states that are part of the Customs Union. Equipment and goods produced in the territory of these states and not complying with the requirements of the regulation may not be placed on sale or other sale.

The scope of application of this regulation is the free movement of goods in the states of the Customs Union. Such goods should be as safe as possible. The effect of the regulation just determines the degree of safety.

What does the technical regulation apply to?

The technical regulation on the conformity of machinery and equipment applies to the production of the following types of goods:

  • wood processing machines;
  • snowmobiles and other equipment for movement in winter;
  • agricultural machinery;
  • equipment for garages used in the repair and maintenance of trailers and semi-trailers;
  • electrical appliances used in the field of mechanization of garden and vegetable farming;
  • equipment used in the field of public catering;
  • electrical appliances;
  • equipment for livestock and poultry purposes;
  • logging equipment;
  • equipment used in cleaning operations;
  • transport and components for lifting works;
  • equipment for work in mines;
  • equipment and appliances used for air conditioning.

Technical regulations are a kind of document for certification. Regardless of the state, when opening the production of goods included in one of the above groups, it is necessary to conduct an examination for compliance of products with the provisions of this technical regulation. If signs that do not meet the requirements are detected, the production should be closed or the identified shortcomings should be eliminated. After the examination, the manufacturer is issued a certificate of conformity of products to the requirements of the technical regulations TR CU 010/2011. For mass production, this certificate is valid for 5 years. When producing a single product, it is issued indefinitely.